We have fitted the gym out with the top brands in the fitness industry- Technogym has supplied our weight training and cardio equipment. It doesn’t get better than that!


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Positioned right on Sandgate’s magnificent foreshore, The Bay HC is a premier health club offering the finest gym experience. We offer a great range of health & wellbeing options for all abilities and fitness levels.


Here at the The Bay Health Club we offer the highest quality of service in Personal Training. Our aim is to provide you with education around exercise technique and how the mind connects to the body activating movement. Educating you on the reasons why you need to do a certain exercise is only the start to you understanding more about what your body needs from you and the benefits from it.

We have registered Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Exercise Physiologists, Martial Arts Master Trainers, and Registered Fitness Australia Personal Trainers that hold strong focus on weight management, sculpting, mental wellbeing, and conditioning. We also have a large range of Group Exercise Trainers with 20+ years’ experience in Clinical Pilates, Yoga and Aqua Aerobics.

We can also prescribe exercises in our indoor heated 25m pool, such as hydrotherapy and lap swimming for those requiring less pressure or impact on their body and increasing buoyancy to allow for movement.


The Bay HC offers flexible memberships with either no locked in contract or with discounts for longer commitments, as well as concessions for eligible members. Contact us today to discuss your fitness goals and the best options for membership.

  • Uniquely positioned on Sandgate’s pristine foreshore
  • Access to Technogym, the world’s leading gym equipment
  • Flexible membership options including concession card holders
  • Exclusive access to indoor & outdoor pools

by Craig Crozier

Sandgate has a very rich history in regards to aquatic activities. As lessee of the Sandgate aquatic centre since 2003 I have been informed by many of the local residents who have lived in the area about the wonderful history of Sandgate dating back to when they were young and even further in history from the stories that had been handed down by previous generations.

Most people are aware of the stunning Shorncliffe pier as a beautiful reminder of days gone by. Very few would realise that on either side of the pier the Council had built baths for the locals to swim in. As was indicative of the period. It was deemed inappropriate for males and females to swim together, so the built a male only baths on the right hand side of the pier, and a female baths on the left side of the pier. It has been explained to me that it was inappropriate to watch the opposite sex bath by looking under the pier, the Council cunningly built them well apart. Unfortunately the males got the better end of the deal as their baths were built further out to sea along the pier, and thus the females were closer to the beach and were therefore badly affected by the tide. Every day as the tide ebbed and flowed the woman were often left unable to swim as their baths were drained by the tide just leaving sand to play on. Whilst the females could only sit and wait for the tide to turn and refill their baths, the men joyfully kept on swimming.

I’m not sure whether it was the power of the women of the day, continually questioning the fairness of Council’s decision or whether Council eventually realised their own failings but another municipal bath was built at around 4th Ave with a beautiful facade and a tidal pool. With the wonderful assistance of the Sandgate Historical Society I have been able to gain access to many stunning black and white photos reflecting these times. The picture of the baths at 4th Ave shows the facade of the baths with a horse drawn cart outside which stamps the time in history, indelibly.

From there, the Council reclaimed land to build a magnificent lagoon style pool on the site that the Sandgate aquatic centre now sits. This was built at a time around WW2 and the Council could employ people at a special wage due to the war and the shortage of men. This enabled them to have a strong building program as certain groups of men were engaged on minimal wages. Unfortunately during the construction circumstances changed and the Council’s could no longer employ people on the less than minimal rates. The Council’s budget didn’t allow construction to be completed due to the large increase and the project wasn’t completed for another 4 years.

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